Space Parasites! And Their Effects

Did you know that you have parasites in your mind? Right now, controlling your thoughts and actions, tricking you into hurting yourself? You do.

Space Parasites: The voices/persona’s inside your head that speak in ways that feed self-destructive cycles, make you relive your trauma, or in general are just assholes. 

These little turd-burgers aren’t only feeding you lies, each parasite opens the door for emotional STD’s.

Emotional STD(to be renames): the self-destructive and egotistical behavior and thought patterns that come from parasites. 

Example: an emotional STD is like how I see myself wearing makeup. I feel it is a fake me. This STD comes from a teacher I had in 6th grade that told me I looked like a whore for wearing blue eyeshadow to school. The parasite is the continuing thought that make up equals a bad version of me. 

The STD is the emotional side effect of a parasite. In the above example we see how a parasite like Low Self Worth in another person, presented itself in a negative way to another person. Person A (the teacher) has the Low Self Worth Parasite, that creates the STD effect of unworthiness, less than, fake, etc. The voice that created this negative emotion in person A is not an emotion.  While the STD is attached to the Parasite, the STD is transferable without intent. I.E the STD is the emotional knee-jerk reaction while the parasite is the voice/words that go with the feeling.

The emotions the parasite creates within its host is easily transferable to others through words, actions, inactions and other communications. 

These parasites act like you, they sound like you and they look like you in your head in your emotions. They, however, are not you. They feed the real thoughts you have about you. For example. If you think “God you’re a dumbass.” You are directly talking to yourself. That is a parasite. Any time you are talking to yourself from yourself it is usually calm and generally nice. Anything other than that is a repeat of something people have told you often enough that now you repeat it to yourself without them. Hence it is a parasite that lives inside your head. 

Whether we like it or not, how we see and interact with the world is a direct reflection of our internal voices. Often we lash out onto the world “It’s not fair” “I can’t” “I’m dont wanna” “Why aren’t they doing…”. All of these are examples of parasites because they start from a place of ego, of hate, of trying to control others. In order to start interacting with others in a more positive manner, we first must be able to hear what we are saying to ourselves. Anytime the internal voice comes from a place of guilt, or anger, or any other self-destructive emotion we can view these things as parasites. Mostly because these thoughts aren’t servicing us! As human beings we want to be happy, we want to be balanced, we want people and communities and love. Yet our internal words – hence external actions- aren’t servicing these basic needs and desires. Actions we do that don’t service our needs are a sign of a parasite. 

With that said, our needs will never come at the detriment of someone else. This isn’t a game. There are no winners. By believing that your fortune comes at the misfortune of someone else is a parasite of a capitalistic world.

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