Basic Human Rights

When we say basic human rights, what are your thoughts? Food? Water? Shelter?  Yes, yes, and yes. What about empathy, love, compassion? Why are those things we make other people earn? (Spoiler, it’s because you have been infected by a parasite – probability from your childhood- that makes you feel like you have to earn kindness and love from yourself, let alone others.) 

Part of the human experience is the fact that each person has a unique and beautiful perspective. Period. Due to this chaotic fact of life, compassionate understanding must be a basic human right. 

Many times in our lives we look at other people and think “What the F*&$ is wrong with that person, why the he!!…” (Again, this is a parasite)

This knee-jerk comes from a place of simply not understanding. However, we have all the tools we need in order to confront our ignorance of the world. We should be responding with compassion, with understanding. If at any point you have told yourself WTF why the he!!, then you personally know how little responding with annoyance helps resolve any misunderstanding. 

If anger, frustration, annoyance, impatience doesn’t help you understand yourself, how can it possibly help you understand someone else? 

When we respond to hard emotions like confusion with kindness, compassion, patience we often find some of the most meaningful relationships in life. Think about it, why do you love the people you love in your life? More than likely they responded to you at some point with kindness, compassion, love. Instead of questioning why you failed, they lifted you up and reminded you that failing is natural. 

As a human, you are able to respond to yourself (and thus others) with that level of understanding. As you strengthen your ability to self-soothe and self-love

If you like some, then you take this to the extreme. Being compassionate for everyone else, being kind to the point of exhaustion. Unfortunately, this is just another parasite. Whoever told you that you weren’t important enough was suffering from the same parasite. Love yourself first. Love yourself wholly. There is nothing selfish about putting yourself first, I mean you live in your body, you are the one who lives in your head. Others inevitably have to return to their own minds and their own bodies. 

Don’t despair. This doesn’t mean that the human experience is one of isolation. In fact, it is wonderfully the opposite. Instead of being trapped inside our minds with mean parasitic voices, we have the availability to share our unique human experience in such a way it can change how we see the (our?) world. 

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