Why We Blog

The whole world is broken. NOT JUST YOU!!! We are all trying to find our way!! Take a deep breath and remember why you are not ok with where you are emotionally. Remember what made you search for answers. T

hat’s why we blog. It is a group of people trying to find the way out of the dark.

Children have been raising children in America for so long that we don’t know what emotional intelligence looks like any more. Every man, woman, and child in the U.S. needs a therapist. Then we all need to search for more answers on our own. We need to save ourselves from the trauma of our past and search for enlightenment in our future. I know those seem like huge goals but they are not. They are attainable, they are real and they are here.

So where do you start?

Wherever you want to. Maybe you already love yourself but can’t figure out how to quiet the constant argument in your head. Sounds like you need to deal with your inner parasites and save yourself more. Maybe you don’t know how to save yourself. Work on loving your inner child and walk into the memories that were the worst or that you can’t get past and save you from there. Your therapist will help you with the lessons you should have learned in that moment, but you are the only person that can go into that memory and change it. You can’t save anyone else in that memory but you. And if that’s the issue then forgive yourself and stop leaving that part of you there out of guilt.

Guilt is nothing more than self suicide. It is helpful when teaching as a child but ultimately we should be teaching using self love instead. Forgive yourself and let that version of you come home inside your body. Be your own strength, be your own protector, be your own parent. It is your life and if you make amends with your past self and stop shaving off parts of you to stay trapped in a past trauma then we can face the now with clean and clear thoughts.

As one of my people put it. You start out in the dark in the fog. You know sunrise is on the horizon but you can’t see it. As you start making changes to yourself talk and your self love – the fog starts to clear. As you start making changes to your actions and act with intent the sun rises and you are no longer stuck in your darkness.

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