Concept: The Mind is Separate from Body (The MeatSuit)

Once upon a time, long long ago a thought took form. This thought sparked more and more thoughts. The thinker(A.K.A Higher Self) was born.

In school we are taught about fight or flight, about how it is a base chemical reaction that triggers adrenaline production to increase, triggering emotions that force the body to respond. That is just one of many base functions that exist within our “meat suits”. However, what is perceiving the threats to start this chemical chain reaction, and are we in control of it? We here at the Collective believe that the thinker can control how the meat suit responds to stimuli within the world. Of course, some things are hard-wired in through eons of evolution and survival. Heights are bad, certain characteristics mark a predator, and thus danger. Food is survival, so places that are lush and growing read as safe. But the thinker is brilliant and can rewire stimuli to mitigate the chemical response. (Breathing is a great tool the thinker uses to force reboot the meat suit! By simply taking 10 deep breaths, allowing yourself to notice how the breath travels into your body. Retaining the breath for a moment. Then let it all out slowly.  ) 

Each human has access to their thinker which is part of a nonphysical world, linked to this world through the meatsuit and it’s experiences. This thinker isn’t limited to one view, instead see’s many views and expresses patterns found in perspectives through the meatsuit, for this is the most direct way to interact.  

Here is where things take a turn. The body/meat suit is a beautifully capable being, able to survive and pass on genes, able to think for itself. In these thoughts are ego, guilt, anger, pity, blame. The meat suit uses these incomplete thoughts to try and justify a safe, and repetitive pattern. However, the thinker has to fight these in order for growth. For perspectives from the meatsuit are limited to the one perspective, while the thinker is able to see the world through the eyes of others. This flexibility grants them an understanding of how to move through the world and interact with others to achieve higher goals of unity, peace, and growth. Since the meatsuit can’t understand, it fights. 

For some readers, this concept isn’t too dissimilar from the ID and the unconscious. The thought that there are different, hidden parts of ourselves that we can’t touch within the physical realm. However, we can measure the influence of the meatsuit/body/ID through how aware a being is of their influence on others. The meatsuit is out to protect itself and often comes back to the thought of self. While the thinker comes back to the concept of us. 

Our thinkers fight with our meatsuits in an attempt to reach goals. The goals of our thinkers are rarely the goals of our meatsuits. (If your thinker and your body are telling you to run or change for your safety. They are right. Listen.) However, the meatsuit isn’t stupid, it just has a limited experience base to work with. If each human is able to practice bridging the gap between the thinker and the meatsuit to encourage cohesion and trust in self, the meatsuit stops fighting so hard. Once the thinker puts in the intentional work to accept and respond to the demands of the meatsuit in a balanced way, the meatsuit can stop making demands and fighting. We begin to understand that trying to protect ourselves so strongly from others is a self-destructive protective measure, that the meat suit will be safe when it listens to this alien “Thinker”, because the thinker wants us (all) to be safe, and thriving. 

Stop fighting yourself. Look for the straightest path to honest goals that doesn’t take you through self-destruction, then stop fighting that path. For you are only fighting yourself now. 

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