Ego is traditionally seen as a person’s self esteem. In psychology it is known as the mediator between the unconscious and conscious parts of the mind. When we view ego and egotistical statements as a translation between what we want and what we know something clicks into place.

Sure it’s healthy to have an ego, society thinks that without ego people have no/low self-worth.

We disagree.

Ego is a product of the meat suit. Those thoughts, feelings and reactions are all focused in animalistic survival.

Ego can only react.

Ego has no long-term goals.

Ego functions from a misguided attempt to protect ourselves from those who would hurt us.

As human beings, as social creatures, a majority of our learning comes from interacting with the world and it’s many perspectives. Often times the lessons and growth come from our failure. Since humanity is far from perfection we could say it is human nature to fail. We wouldn’t be the first to make this claim.

However if it’s human to fail (and that is the surest way to grow) why does our egos refuse to let us be wrong?

Our minds need constant failure, learning, and activity to maintain it’s elasticity however our meatsuits are less responsive to these growth habits. (Though the meatsuits reluctance is purely from a place of distrust in the self and can be remedied by movement towards healthy habits…) Once we can get our Egos to understand that allowing someone else to be right doesn’t diminish our perspective; conflict dissolves.

Since Ego can’t make long term choices and is only interested in protecting it’s sense of self that it doesn’t want to change we have to use a different perspective when making choices. We need a perspective that understands other’s perspective.

This we call our Higher Selves, and it goes with the thought that in the multiverse somewhere exists versions of yourself that have gone through all the difficulties and this large information cache is stored in our understanding somewhere.

This perspective from our Higher Selves understands the pain we have been through and knows what we truly want and need to be happy in life, then works towards that goal of creating what we need to grow into our best selves, for our best future. Some call it an intuition, others voice of god, it can have many names but at the end of the day it is knowing, and it is of us.

When Ego is making choices instead of our Higher Selves we find ourselves in conflict with the world around us because we have lost our higher understanding and are now pulling ourselves through mud for the sake of being right, instead of changing and growing to maximize our effort.

Not only does Ego move us to act for ourselves thus isolating us from the collective, it often turns around and tears us apart in our solitude. Ego’s are perfectionists, they are controlling, Type-A personalities that hate to be wrong. In short they are children throwing tantrums over silly reasons.

As we start to reel back our Ego’s and use our Higher Selves more often we find compassion for self and others that translates into an empathetic self-worth. You are just as worthy as every other human because you are unique. Your uniqueness brings a light that is wholly yours. Now when other’s see differently it isn’t perceived as an attack against our truth, but instead a window into someone else’s truth.

Our self worth shouldn’t be based in who is “right” or “wrong”. Imagine trying to create a painting with just black and white, no greys or hues. Trying to create worth out of absolutes looses it’s depth. Instead you need all the in-between perspectives to create depth of self worth, and thus character.

Evolve past your ego.

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