About Us

A close up image of bees entering a hive. It represents the many agents it requires to work as a group while functioning to hint at the possibility of a hive-like mind in humans.
Photo by ud604ub355 uae40 on Pexels.com


We are one.

The Collective is a collaborative blog/journal/book/help guide/musings into the void. There is no one niche we fit into. We strive to highlight the interconnectedness in the world and in humanity, to shine light on dark topics, to destigmatize meaningful conversations and open new possibilities.

Weather we like it or not, we are connected. Humans as a species are social beings, with complex social connections that should guide our decisions. As Humans are from Earth, so is the Earth from Humans. We can not remove our cycles from the moon and it’s pull, from the ocean and it’s centrality, from the sun and it’s warm. To say we are just interconnected is to minimize the wholeness that is found in human experience as created in connections. Science is Art, Art is Science. Math is chaotic, and chaos is organized.

There is so much to understand, there are so many strings of connection to pull on. We must start somewhere. Somewhere is here. At least for today.